5 New Hobby Ideas from Sirior Bach Holiday Park in Abergele

Everyone that spends time at their static caravan or holiday home at Sirior Bach Holiday Park in Abergele, is aware that the surrounding areas are so stunningly beautiful and awe-inspiring, that it’s sometimes difficult to decide how to spend your spare time. Do you choose to go mountain climbing, beach combing, rock pool dipping, cycling or walking? These are all hobbies that improve your basic well-being, health factors and enjoyment while spending time with your loved ones and friends.

However, there comes a time when you’re maybe feeling like you might want a new hobby – something to refresh yourself when the weather changes or just because you need a new, inspiring, fun hobby that you can add to your “to-do list”.  Here are a few of our suggestions:


This hobby is a current twist on the traditional treasure hunt. The concept is that players try to locate a hidden container known as a “cache” or “geocache”, by tracking GPS coordinates to a specific location. (You can use any GPS tracking device.) However, should you be successful and locate the booty, the rules state that you must replace your treasure with another of equal value and hide this for other players to find. Warning: this wildly popular trend is addictive!


The exercise of yoga serves many purposes, from building flexibility and improving strength, to spiritual healing. There is so much to learn about the different types of yoga and many routines. Try Hatha for flexibility and relaxation or Vinyasa, which is the most common form of yoga. Vinyasa moves from one pose directly to the next and builds heat in the body through those poses. Another form of yoga is Ashtanga which offers a challenging form of the exercise where the moves stay the same for each class, but with a salutation to the sun interspersed. If you love the heat then check out a Bikram yoga class, or “hot yoga” where the heat is on.

Become a Rainfall Reader

This new hobby can be quite inexpensive and suits all ages. It also serves the purpose of a family project, to teach your children about how the weather has such an impact on our lives. The project involves you measuring precipitation and levels whenever rain, hail or snow falls in our garden or caravan plot. Tools needed are a plastic rainfall measuring tube, a ruler and if you wish to record the results online, a computer with internet connection. For more information on how to become a rainfall reader, check out this page.

Try your hand at Ten-Pin Bowling

Bowling is a brilliant activity for all ages. Not only does it involve competitive skills, it’s fun for all the family. Hopefully, you’ll get a strike, knocking down all ten pins on your first try of the frame.  Not only does it help to give you a workout and burn calories, your joints, hips, knees and wrists will all be in better shape with all the flexing. There are several locations in North Wales where you can find a bowling lane:

  • Tenpin Wrexham, Unit B14 Eagles Meadow, Wrexham LL13 8DG T: 0871 222 3675
  • AstroBowl, Victoria Road West, Ffrith Beach, Prestatyn LL19 7AR T: 01745 850079
  • Mr. B’s Amusements, 29-33 West Parade, Rhyl LL18 1HF T: 01745 345123

Try an Adult Colouring Book

This is a hobby often reserved for a rainy day when you don’t want to venture far from your static caravan. Get artistic with an adult colouring book, some colourful pens or pencils and creative talent. Many books are laced with intricate pages of outlines for you to spend hours detailing.


There are, of course, many other new hobby alternatives you can attempt and try out, such as white-water rafting, yachting, sailing,  and canoeing. There is dragon boat racing, wildlife conservation, remote control cars, painting and photography. Spend some time learning a new language! The choices are endless.

Sirior Bach Holiday Park in Abergele is an exclusive luxury static caravan site set in a 19-acre estate. In addition to a large stock of used caravans, we also have luxury holiday lodges for sale. It is in the ideal, stress-free location to spend annual holidays or short breaks.


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