Great Golf! A Golfer’s Guide to the Game in North Wales

Whether you are looking to play your first round or you’re on your way to becoming a PGA pro, North Wales has a course made just for you. With some 60-plus courses in the area there are excitement filled clubs for every skill level. Maybe you’ve played all over the world and are looking to expand your expertise or play a particularly unique or challenging course. Some others might be just starting off and want to expand their knowledge of ranges and etiquette.

Lets first discuss what possibly makes a really great course to drive a ball on. While thoughts differ from person to person, some things remain fairly constant like the condition of the turf you’ll be playing on or how much you’re prepared to spend on a round. Some other factors include:

  • Ratings: Ratings from other golfers, amateur and intermediate alike. This could include ratings from the golf club’s website and other numerous online review sites. Though individual reviews can be influenced by any number of factors, it’s the people who have stood where you are who are most often a great way to tell if you want to play there.
  • Length of the course: Do you want to play 9 holes or 18? Depending on skill level and time, you’ll want to decide before you book a tee time on how many you’d like to play. The decision is yours on how many holes to play but also factor in how each course plays when deciding as some courses have a difficult section (back 9, for instance). You might also factor in whether the club you are looking to play allows carts and if you are able to walk 18 holes with your gear.
  • Does the golf club allow visiting memberships? Some courses require players to buy an annual membership or play with another member of the course.
  • History: Did your favorite golfer play here or maybe you’re a fan of a different course created by the same architect – hit the links some place new today. Are you into the history of the course itself or the surrounding area? Some of the courses here in North Wales pre date the 1900’s and are amazing displays of history and the way the game has evolved over time.
  • Unique or challenging: Golf is a thinking game so playing holes that make you do just that is what it’s all about, right? Playing different places and on various terrain is paramount to challenging yourself to learning to skills. Hole changes can also make a repeated trip back to the same place a new experience.

Regardless of your skill level or what you’re looking for in a course, you’re sure to find everything you want in a club in North Wales. Modern or medieval, complex or simple, relaxed or reserved – we’ve found a place for you to golf during your next caravan holiday right here.

Aberdovey Golf Club in Snowdonia National Park is an idyllic course from the pre-1900’s. While the course has changed over time there is no doubt it remains one of the areas finest courses. Let Bernard Darwin tee through.

Royal St. David’s Golf Club is another awarding winning club in the scenic Snowdonia National Park. Overseen by Harlech Castle on one side and mountainous ranges on the other, the view alone makes this range worth the trip. This tough par-69 course will challenge even the most experienced long-range drivers. Play only the front 9 for an easier time – don’t say you haven’t been warned. The back 9 has one of the most difficult holes in the entire UK.

North Wales Golf Club is the perfect place for all skill levels of player to come drive some balls or play together as a group. This course has lower green fees than average and accommodates players from beginner through intermediate. Play the entire 18 for the full experience as the back 9 have amazing views and more challenging holes.

Conwy Golf Club is a tough course played along a rugged coastline surrounded by mountainous cliffs, an inactive volcano and the estuary filled with ships. This entire course is a test of ones abilities but the last 6 holes are a terror so save your energy for the end.

Nefyn & District Golf Club is a 27 hole championship golf club that features 3 unique loops of 9 holes each. “The Old” (holes 10-18) attract the most visitors, as it’s holes wind along a narrow peninsula and merge into a tiny space with two mind boggling holes. Some people find these holes frustratingly complex – others find it endearing, demanding or energizing. If shooting a blind drive over a cliff sounds like something you are going to be into then play “The Old”, which usually accompanies “The “Front”. “The Front” (holes 1-9) are the one with stunning views that visitors rave about in reviews. The Irish Sea in every shot is a sight to behold before coming back inland for the remaining stretch. “The New” (holes 19-27) continues to offer the sights of the “sea from every sea” that only Nefyn can boast about while following these long sweeping holes with strategically placed bunkers and gently placing you back at hole 27.

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