5 Things to Do in Wales Away From Your Caravan Park

Wales has a wealth of caravan and leisure parks to make family holidays a joy.  But there are hundreds of things to do in Wales off site too.

Why not make a list of places to explore and things to do in Wales so that eventually you will have covered the entire country? Aim for a 100 and strike them off the list when you have achieved then. Depending on how many holidays and short breaks you take per year, it may take you some time.

It doesn’t matter where your holiday home base is because the road network is great and transport links excellent.

Here are 5 things to get you started:

1. Boxing Day Swim at Llandudno

Organised by The Lions Club, you can join around 100 people for a dip in the ice cold water of the Irish Sea. This year is the 25th anniversary of the event.  Some dippers are sponsored to raise money for their chosen charities. Prior to braving the sea, there is a fancy dress competition with prizes for the best costumes.  For more details click on Boxing Day Sea Dip

2. Caernarfon Castle

Now classified as a world heritage site, Caernarfon is one of the largest castles in Wales with a history dating back to medieval times. It was built as a fortress by Edward I and standing on its battlements will allow you to truly feel like a king or queen of the castle.  Visit Caernarfon Castle website for opening times and more details.

3.Take someone you love to Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey

Known as the Island of Love,  if you want to enter into the true traditional spirit of thing take your loved on to the island on St Dwynwen’s Feast Day. Held annually on 25 January lovers historically have given each other love spoons and cards. It’s like St Valentine’s Day but celebrating the Welsh Patron Saint of Love (Dwynwen).

On the island there is a church which has seen better days, notably in medieval times. But every year people go and pray to Dwynen for romance to enter their lives.

This small island is enchanting with small sandy coves and spectacular scenery in all directions.  Click on Llanddwyn Island

4. Eat a traditional Welsh breakfast

You don’t strictly have to go offsite to enjoy a full Welsh breakfast because technically you could cook your own in your caravan. But you would need all the ingredients.

At first sight it doesn’t differ greatly from the English full breakfast with eggs and bacon but it has the addition of bread made from seaweed (laverbread).  To be authentic all the ingredients need to be locally produced.  To strike this off your list of things to do in Wales you have to eat the laverbread!

5. Fuel your adrenaline with a mind blowing, zip wire experience

If you have ever wondered what it is like to fly check out “Velocity” at  Penrhyn Quarry. “Flying” along the zip wire at over 100 mph is an experience of a lifetime.  You will travel a mile along the wire getting the best possible view of the surrounding countryside and coast. For more information on this spectacular journey click on Zip Wire

Check out the video below to watch the fun!

Keep an eye on the Sirior Bach Caravan Park blog for more things to do in Wales which you can add to your bucket list! Want to buy a caravan in Wales this year on a 19 acre rural retreat? Visit our website where you will find many bargains!

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