A Caravan Holiday in Wales searching for Wildlife, Flora and Fauna

The four seasons welcome the arrival of various seabirds and other wildlife to the North Wales region.  Spring sees the arrival of puffins and countless other seabirds to the shores and islands. In summer the porpoises and dolphins arrive, followed in the autumn by leaping salmon in the rivers, a riot of colour in the woods and forests, together with the arrival of the seal pups. The winter heralds the appearance of huge flocks of wildfowl.

There is a wealth of wildlife to be found in Wales, with native species such as the fen orchid and the Skomer Vole, which is unique to Skomer Island, providing a vital food source for the birds of prey that inhabit the area.  Skomer Island off the Pembrokeshire coast has the most spectacular sea bird colonies in Southern Britain.

Visit a Nature Reserve
There are over 30 nature reserves in the North Wales region alone, with many species and habitats of wildlife.  Some vary in size from a National Nature Reserve to a small area with maybe only one interesting species, all within travelling distance of Sirior Bach Caravan Park.

Help has over 4000 members and is dedicated to conserving the natural world, and all species, for the benefit of the wildlife and the enjoyment of the people.

Why not join the volunteer team to restore and maintain the habitats, to preserve for the next generation. There are organised events for families and children to get closer to the wildlife and explore the surroundings.  Take a half or full day bird watching tour in Snowdonia National Park, where you can choose to log and record as many species as you wish such as Peregrine, Goshawk and Red Kites.

Visit a zoo
Make a visit to the Welsh Mountain Conservation Zoo, set high above Colwyn Bay, just a few miles from Sirior Bach. Here you can spend a fantastic family day out and see snow leopards, red pandas and chimpanzees; maybe not native to North Wales but a fun day out all the same. The Zoo also hosts the North Wales Seal Rescue Centre where they take care of sick and injured wildlife.

Plant a Wildlife Garden
Each year the Welsh Wildlife Heroes Campaign has funded a competition for gardeners to take part in creating an amazing wildlife garden to encourage butterflies, insects and birds to visit the area. Why not make your Caravan Holiday in Wales a little competitive and plant up your pitch garden to see if you could be a winner next year? They encourage sustainable use of peat-free products, resources such as making compost, nest boxes and rainwater collection for your garden.

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