Is 2017 Your Year for Buying a Static Caravan?

If you’ve thought about buying a static caravan more than once, perhaps 2017 is the year to make a decision.

Not only have static caravans improved in design, looking more like luxury apartments, but they are also easier to buy. With finance packages available on new and used models almost anyone can own a holiday home in the UK.

Many caravan dealers and holiday parks have spring sales. So now that the weather is beginning to improve it’s an excellent time to arrange some viewings. However, before you so there are some important considerations. Here are a few things to think about.

Choosing a holiday park

Never underestimate the importance of the holiday park on which you want to site your holiday home.  If you end up buying a static caravan on a park you later find to be unsuitable for your needs, your holidays will be a disaster.  The cost of transporting a caravan to another site can be prohibitive. You might also find that the site operators won’t allow you to move it and even if they do, you may have to wait until the end of the season.

Finding an ideal caravan park takes research.  Look for reviews on the internet. If you discover a park that appears to match your requirements, visit it. Perhaps rent a caravan there for a long weekend or week’s holiday.

Look for caravan dealers that have associations with several holiday parks. Ask if they will take you on a tour of them. Then you can see several on one day.

Another consideration is the distance the park is from where you live. Do you want to spend more than a couple of hours travelling to it? Ideally, you shouldn’t have to because there are so many parks all over the UK, there’s bound to be one within a couple of hours drive. The shorter the distance the more time you will be able to spend there.  You’ll be able to take off for a few weekends as well as your annual holidays if the park is not that far away.


Do you want to spend your holidays near a beach, in the countryside or close to a city with a buzzing nightlife?  Would you like to be on a park that is exclusive to owners, or one that allows owners to rent their caravan out? Is it essential for the park to be pet-friendly (not all are)? Are you looking for a naturist caravan park?

Choose the category of Holiday Park where you know you will be able to relax and unwind.


Do you want a rural retreat where it’s quiet or a family orientated park where the whole family can be entertained?  Do you want to be able to leave your children in the park’s kid’s clubs where there are plenty of activities for them to enjoy?

Is it necessary for you to keep in touch with your business or members of your family when you are on holiday? If it is you’ll want to ensure there is Wi-Fi on site.

Is there plenty to do if the weather is bad on site or locally?

Renting out your caravan

Many owners rent out their caravans when they are not using them.  If you want to do this you will have to check that your chosen holiday park allows you to do this. Some don’t.

If you do want to make a little rental income to help with maintenance and running costs, buying a static caravan with 3 bedrooms is best. Since families are the most frequent renters, the more space the better.

When you have satisfied all these questions you can think seriously about buying a static caravan.

Buying a static caravan 2017

Sirior Bach Caravan Park is located close to Abergele in North Wales. It is an exclusive resort solely for the use of owners and their families. If this appeals to you, do check out the Sirior Bach website and search through our static caravans and holiday lodges for sale.

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