Can a TV be Wall Mounted in a Static Caravan?

Millions of flat screen televisions are sold every year in the UK and it’s rare nowadays to see a residential home without one. As people have become accustomed to watching the flat screen, it’s not unreasonable to want to have one in your static caravan holiday home.

So, can a TV be wall mounted in a static caravan or not?

Many modern luxury caravans can be supplied with a flat-screen TV already mounted but older models are unlikely to have them. However, if you buy a used static caravan that is a few years old there is no need to despair. The practicality of mounting the TV will depend on what the walls are made from, the width of the wall you want to fit it to and the type of studs within the wall. Usually, the construction material of walls in older caravans won’t be sufficient to support a modern flat screen TV due to its weight.

Considerations when wall mounting a TV

You will need to consider the size as well as the weight of the TV and where the best place is to mount it if you intend to use the rotate and tilt facility. These factors will determine the type of TV mount required. Reference to different types of wall mounts can be found in the specification manual supplied by the TV manufacturer.

TV mounting Safety aspects

Having purchased the correct wall mount you should test its weight bearing capacity before attaching the TV to it. You can do this by using something of a similar weight. Testing is very important because if you mount the TV straight away it will be an expensive mistake if the wall mount detaches from the wall and the TV falls. Electrical cables can often be hidden within the wall mount so that there is no danger of pets or children pulling at them and dislodging the TV.

Hire a professional to fit your TV

Even if you are skilled in DIY it can be difficult to wall mount a TV in your main home and many people choose to have their television installed by an experienced professional. If you appreciate that it is much more difficult to achieve this in a static caravan holiday home, it makes sense to use a trades-person to do it for you. Caravan holiday parks often have a list of local tradespeople so you could ask the park operator for a contact, or perhaps talk to other caravan owners to see if they can recommend someone.

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