Caravan Maintenance Over The Winter: What to Remember

Owning a static caravan comes close to owning a house itself, and with such an investment, a lot of care and maintenance is needed for the caravan to stay in good condition throughout its lifetime. Below are some tips on how to keep your static caravan in perfect condition during the winter months, and how to avoid many small problems that can turn into larger ones if left untreated.

If like most people you choose to stay at the comfort of your own home in winter, or your park is closed in the winter months it is important to ensure that your caravan is well protected in your absence.

Tips for Caravan Maintenance over the Winter include:

1. Lagging the pipes

This insulation is done to conserve heat within the pipes. Lagging also prevents condensation and freezing in the pipes as this is known to result in burst pipes, which can be very costly to a caravan owner.

2. Defrosting your fridge and freezer

When the parks are closed, sometimes they cut electricity to the caravans contained on it. You should defrost the freezer and the fridge to ensure the free flow of air, and prevent flooding when the electricity goes off. If left to defrost without supervision, the floor could be water damaged.

3. Drain and turn off the water system to prevent frost damage

Just like lagging, this prevents the pipes bursting.

4. Place dehumidifying crystals in the caravan to keep the inside dry

Damp is one of the worst causes of damage to soft furnishings, and one way to avoid this, and other damp along the walls of your caravan is to make sure the air isn’t too humid.

5. Take out or move all of the soft furnishings away from walls and windows

This is something that many caravan owners do anyway, to clean curtains and cushions for the next season. Doing so will increase circulation inside the caravan and avoid damp damage for the soft furnishings.

6. Do not neglect the exterior

This is one of the most forgotten areas but should not be the case since the exterior plays a major role in ensuring that the caravan interior remains intact. Check the guttering system to ensure that it is not blocked and that the entire drainage system is working properly. Also, check for any debris on the caravan that can lead to rusting or any other form of damage to the exterior.

These tips should help your caravan maintenance over the winter. Let us know if you have any maintenance tips to add to our list.

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