Enjoy a Summer Picnic on Your Static Caravan Holiday

Picnics are one of the favourite British summer pastimes, be it a spur of the moment decision or a well-planned feast. What is not to love about sitting outside your caravan or on the beach, enjoying some company and a plate of delicious food?

The majority of picnics are the last minute variety, grab a loaf of bread, some sandwich filling and a handful of napkins, but sometimes it is possible to create a wonderful picnic that is perfectly planned and executed for a magical and dreamy afternoon.

Useful tips to enjoy a summer picnic on your Static Caravan Holiday:

1. Plan a picnic as if you would plan a small transportable party
First think through the who, what, where and when etc., and this will keep you from missing any details.  In reality, the ideal picnic is nothing more than choosing a great location, a good group of friends and family. Take something to sit on and plan to take some delicious food and drinks.

2. Choose the picnic location
There are some fantastic picnic spots around Sirior Bach Caravan Park, with close proximity to the many beach resorts, or spend an afternoon in the countryside or at one of the local parks.

Think about who will be coming along on your picnic. Do you need easily accessible amenities; do you have to walk along way from the car? If you have small children are there any public toilet facilities nearby and if your dog will be joining you, is it a pet-friendly location?

3. Set a time
The time of day you decide to have your picnic is something you need to take into account.  A morning or breakfast picnic is very enjoyable, as is a late supper one with maybe a small portable barbeque. However, the more traditional picnic takes place in the afternoon, where on a hot summer’s day you may need to find a shady place to rest and lay out your picnic food.

4. Seating arrangements for guests
Once you have decided on your location, you need to think about your guests. What will they sit on?  The grass is fine on a dry day with blankets, portable mats and even large beach towels to use for seating, or maybe find an area of large rocks to lay out your picnic feast.  Folding chairs are fine for the older generation. Remember if you are visiting the beach that the sand gets everywhere!

5. Food transport
You will need something suitable to transport your picnic food in; maybe a traditional basket, or a practical cool box or a stylish beach bag. Remember that once packed with all of your picnic food and drink it is likely to be quite heavy.

6. Crockery and cutlery
You will need cutlery, crockery and utensils.  Nowadays, the majority of these are all available as disposable items but if you want to add an elegant touch, use china plates and cloth napkins.

7. Drinks
As for drinks, individual bottles of water or lemonade or other soft drinks means you won’t need to bring cups along. If you decide on a bottle of wine, remember you will need wine glasses or disposable beakers.

8. Food
The choice of picnic food is huge, finger food is easy to buy or prepare in your caravan. However, remember that as you are outside food must be kept cool to avoid upset tummies. Bring a cool box and maybe some ice packs. Remember to take along re-sealable plastic bags, aluminium foil etc. for any leftovers and rubbish bags so that you can leave the picnic area as tidy as you found it.

9. Entertainment
The last thing you need to think about and the plan is what to do when you’re not eating. If you have children pack outdoor toys such as balls, Frisbees, kites and bubbles; and for yourself maybe a good book or magazine to read, and your favourite music on your playlist to listen to.

Remember the goal of any picnic is to have fun outdoors, enjoy each other’s company and hopefully to relax. You might also want to invite some of your neighbours who are taking their Static Caravan holiday at the same time as you. Most people love to enjoy a summer picnic and it’s a good way of getting to know one another.

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