Food to Take on Your Caravan Holiday

Most caravan holiday parks have a shop for basic groceries and it’s usually not too far to travel from the holiday park to get to a supermarket. However, if it’s the first day of your holiday and you are likely to arrive late you should pick up a few things before you leave such as something for dinner and something for breakfast. Here are a few tips on what food to take on your Caravan Holiday.

If you are going to arrive late you won’t want to spend hours cooking so simple things such as sausages, eggs, bacon, baked beans, tomatoes, bread and butter/margarine will provide a quick meal that can be cooked very easily. For breakfast, you can take cereals and some milk and sugar. Teabags and coffee are a good idea too.

Special or favourite food requirements

Obviously where you shop regularly from home will have food that you or your family require for special dietary needs. Don’t rely on those foods being available if you are going on a caravan holiday especially if some of them are essential for health reasons. Pick up anything you need before setting off. The same applies to favourite foods.

If you intend to cook a lot whilst you are on your caravan holiday, you might want to take your herbs and spices with you and also Oxo cubes or Bistro if you use them. Although you will easily be able to get these things in most supermarkets near the holiday park you can save money by bringing your own. There is nothing more infuriating than cooking your favourite dish only to find you are missing the essential herb or spice that makes it exceptional.

The same applies to sauces and pickles. If you and your family like them and have them at home, take them with you just in case local shops don’t stock them.

Saving money on food for your caravan holiday

If you are going to spend a couple of weeks on holiday or even just one week, don’t leave your food at home in the fridge because the chances are you will throw it away when you get back. You can save money by taking it with you. Nowadays we all need to watch the pennies so it makes sense to economise where we can.

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