Gardening on your Static Caravan Pitch

Most holiday parks will allow Gardening on your Static Caravan Pitch, provided you are not intending to recreate the rain forest!  It’s always best to check what is permitted before signing the pitch agreement.

Usually, you will be allowed to plant flowers and small trees or place decorative pots around the caravan. The garden area is usually separated by lawned or gravelled areas between the caravans.

However, one stipulation that will always be made is that if you start a garden you will have to keep it neat and tidy.

How practical is a garden?

If you are not going to use the holiday home very often it might be impractical to consider gardening on your static caravan pitch unless you can do a deal with the park maintenance staff or somebody local to look after it for you.

An important consideration is whether or not you intend to rent your caravan out.  An untidy garden will not only upset the park operator but also won’t be particularly attractive to potential renters.

Conversely, if the holidaymakers renting your caravan have children you run the risk of having your perfectly landscaped garden trampled underfoot or plant pots broken.

Good holiday parks often have rather beautiful landscaped gardens within the park so on balance unless you are an owner, living close to the park, it’s possibly best not to do any gardening on your static caravan pitch.

Garden sheds

Nevertheless, if you are a committed gardener and able to maintain the garden, you’ll probably need shed in which to keep your gardening tools.  Again you will need to check with the park operator what size and type of shed you can erect.

Make sure you keep within the perimeters of your caravan and if there are lawned areas that the park operator mows between the pitches, leave enough space for the mower to get through.

Normally you’ll be able to find a garden centre within a reasonable distance of the holiday park and a good choice for plants would be the “all weather” variety such as the perennial range. But then if you are green fingered you’ll know that!

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