How to Prevent Condensation in Static Caravans

If you are using your holiday home throughout the winter and spring seasons at Sirior Bach Caravan Park you will know that once you begin to heat your Static Caravan, especially during periods of very cold weather as the windows are likely to be closed to keep the heat inside, there will be some caravan window condensation; and in some circumstances, on the walls and ceilings. There are several steps you can take in order to decrease and eliminate the amount of condensation in Static Caravans.


The cheapest and simplest way to put a stop to caravan window condensation is to open windows a tiny amount, if possible at both ends of the caravan. It is usually better to leave a window slightly open for a longer period, than to have it wide open for a shorter period of time.

Ensure that the air vents in your caravan are not covered or sealed. This is very important for safety measures too, in order to prevent a build-up of poisonous gases from the heating system and cooking appliances.


In an effort to reduce the amount of condensation, try to maintain a continuous lower level of heating which will allow warmth to penetrate the ceilings and walls of the Static Caravan, rather than shorter bursts of higher temperatures. It is advisable to maintain the interior temperature at a minimum of 5°C higher than the outside temperature.


Most Static Caravans are constructed with some amount of insulation to ensure that the condensation is kept to a minimum and to restrict areas of mould growth. If you are buying a new caravan, if possible, opt for the additional insulation package or manufacture additional DIY insulation on the underneath of the caravan, since when the floors are well insulated they retain the heat for longer periods.

Double Glazing

If not fitted as standard consider having windows replaced or secondary double glazing panels installed, to reduce cold spots in the caravan and in turn reduce caravan window condensation. Double glazing also helps to reduce draughts around doors and window openings, a major factor in losing heat.

Other helpful hints to reduce condensation in Static Caravans:·

  • If using a tumble dryer, ensure it is vented to the outside
  • Dry the windows and sills every morning to reduce excess amounts of condensation
  • Do not dry washing on the radiators
  • When cooking always use your cooker hood to eliminate steam
  • Cook with pans fitted with lids and simmer at a low heat once boiled
  • If using a bath fill initially with cold water, then hot to reduce condensation by up to 90%
  • Keep bathroom doors closed when taking a bath or shower, then afterwards open the bathroom window and keep the door closed for a while to prevent spread of moisture to other rooms
  • Always use an extractor fan if fitted in kitchen or bathroom
  • Gel and salt based small de-humidifiers are available at low cost to help to prevent mould in cupboards and wardrobes. Place several around the caravan

Always take advantage on a dry, windy day to open the windows, wardrobe doors and vents to allow the fresh air to circulate around your holiday home. If you follow these steps you should be able to eliminate condensation in static Caravans, in most cases without spending any additional money.

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