Make Preparations for Springtime in the Garden this Easter

For those people who viewed Holiday Lodges for sale in North Wales and then purchased one at Sirior Bach,  part of the decision-making process for the ‘green fingered’ is often the size of plot and the ability to have a garden.  The winter season is usually a quiet period for horticulture, but it will not be long until spring arrives and you will soon be involved in the whirl of sowing seeds, planting and growing as the new season comes around. Make Preparations for Springtime and organise your garden, which will help to make your Easter holiday visit a little less hectic.

1. Place your order for any summer flowering seeds and bulbs
The new season Plant catalogues are available to plan and order for your summer border and container plants. Bulbs that you can plant in early spring include Ranunculus, Gladiolus and Lilies, to give you an amazing summer display.

2. Clear up the borders and flower beds
Now is the time to have an overall tidy up, remove leaves and other garden rubbish from your lawns, flower borders, containers and garden pond if you have one on your plot. Pruning can take place of herbaceous perennials and any overgrown shrubs. If the soil isn’t too muddy, you can dig in organic matter such as compost or well-rotted manure. Give a top dressing of fertiliser or lime, depending on the quality of your soil.

3. Move any shrubs
Now is the time of year to move and reorganise any herbaceous shrubs, while they are still dormant. Dig around the plant making sure you do not go too close to the roots; then establish the shrub and its root ball in a new position in the garden. Water it in well, afterwards.

4. Hunt down and remove any garden pests
Inspect and take a good look at your plants and around the bases of shrubs where you may discover aphids, snails and slugs sheltering for the winter. Remove them and treat with either chemical or organic solutions to rid them from the garden before any new plant growth begins.

5. Repair any garden fences, trellis or gates
This is the best time of the year to make a start on those niggly jobs.  Make repairs to any wooden structures while you have access to them before the plants begin to grow. Now is also the best time to give wooden items a coat of preservative for protection.

Any time you can spend in the garden plot now will pay dividends later on. As the caravan season arrives you will have an abundance of floral displays to make your neighbours envious. Many of the caravan plots at Sirior Bach are spectacularly beautiful, and any effort you make in the early spring will be rewarded later in the year.

Luxury lodges for sale

One of the benefits of considering holiday lodges for sale in North Wales, as opposed to static caravans, is 12-month use. This makes it so much easier to maintain a lovely garden and of course spend a lot more time admiring it.

For more information on our luxury lodges for sale call in or contact us for an informal chat about your specific requirements.

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