Making the Most of Storage in Modern Static Caravans

The majority of modern static caravans and holiday lodges are now well equipped with plenty of storage solutions to suit the family’s needs with built-in wardrobes, under-bed storage and vanity units in the bathrooms for your essential toiletries and make-up items. However, as you begin to spend more holidays and time at the caravan you will find yourself bringing more items from home; toys for the children, sports equipment such as bikes and walking gear and of course, if your plot has a garden, you will need essentials such as a lawn mower and garden tools to keep the outside areas tidy.

With the new caravan season in our minds here at Sirior Bach Caravan Park, now is the time to make plans for your future stays to be more enjoyable and clutter free. Here are a few suggestions to help you to achieve this.


Have you heard of the new Japanese clearing and tidying system from Marie Kondo? She recommends her KonMari Method for organising, simplifying and storing your clothes and other items you own, by sorting through your possessions and only keeping those that “spark joy”. If you follow her methods your wardrobe will be arranged by size, colour and season; smaller items of clothing such as t-shirts and socks will be folded and stored neatly in drawers and the books that you buy but never read, will be donated to the nearest charity shop to free up further shelf space.

Inside storage ideas

Make maximum use of wardrobe space by using multi- hangers that allow you to place several pairs of trousers or other items of clothing onto one hanger. Vacuum bags are an ideal solution for efficient storage of bedding, pillows and quilts with the added advantage of keeping them dry and free from condensation.

Plastic storage boxes with lids come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with most of them capable of stacking on top of each other – great for books, shoes and toys. Many holiday homes come equipped with a storage type footstool, ideal for keeping boxed games, books and playing cards handy for a rainy day. Shelf stacking units may be used in the kitchen cupboards for maximising space for tinned food, plates and bowls. Collapsible storage boxes are convenient under the sink unit for keeping your cleaning materials to hand, when needed.

Outside storage ideas

There are several types of larger storage boxes and sheds available to buy from DIY stores and on the internet. These come in many sizes and are manufactured in either wood, plastic or metal. Most have an option to lock, the larger type with a lock and key, others with a fitted padlock. Bikes, outside toys, wet weather gear and garden equipment should all be stored under cover when possible, not only to prevent deterioration but also to deter theft from your plot if left on display.

There are units available that will fit under the caravan decking with lift up lids, or front opening doors, that can often be bolted to the ground for added security. Garden bench seating with an under seat facility is an option for keeping your garden chair cushions dry. Remember that in some coastal regions, or very windy areas on site, some of these lightweight products may blow away or become easily damaged; so take this into consideration when making your purchase.

Modern static caravans are often sold on sizeable pitches but whichever type of outside storage you opt for, it will probably be chosen to some degree by space restrictions and possibly park rules. Ensure that you choose one that is the best quality you can afford and is the best size suitable for your needs. If in doubt, always check with the Park staff at Sirior Bach Caravan Park before you buy an outside storage unit, just to be on the safe side.

With clever planning, a bit of thought and organising, you can make your storage space go even further, resulting in an amazing tidy and roomy modern static caravan holiday home, just in time for the new season.

If you are considering purchasing a holiday home this year take a look at our inventory of luxury lodges, new and used caravans for sale in North Wales.

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