Rainy Days can be Fun on a Caravan Holiday

It appears according to the weather forecasters that we may well be in for several more episodes of damp, showery rain during the late summer here in North Wales. As the long summer holidays come to an end and you have exhausted all the “touristy” things to do around Sirior Bach Caravan Park, maybe the children are becoming a little bit irritated as they are caravan-bound and unable to venture outside. Here are some popular activities to show you how even rainy days can be fun on a caravan holiday that all the family can enjoy:

Jump in puddles – Ensure that everyone has a pair of Wellington boots and a waterproof coat; there is nothing more fun for small toddlers than splashing through the puddles. Get togged up in your wet weather gear and venture out together for a refreshing, fun walk in the rain.  Here on our caravan park, we have around ten acres of countryside, woodland and gardens for you to explore.  While most people shelter indoors from the rain, you will have most of the caravan park to yourselves.

Pizza party – Buy some pre-prepared pizza bases and lots of various ingredients for toppings, and let the kids decorate them. When finished, pop in the oven set out a picnic rug on the floor and have a picnic with your delicious pizzas and some drinks in paper cups.

Board games – The age-old standby for a rainy afternoon on a Caravan holiday are games such as Monopoly, Hungry Hippos, Connect 4 and lots more. Board games can be a delight for small children who have never played before; set some rules before you begin. Enjoy a jug of home-made lemonade or fruit juice and some snacks to keep the enthusiasm going.

Reading afternoon – Most children read at school and enjoy a good book. Cuddle up on some comfy cushions and read your child’s favourite stories. Most children have vivid imaginations, so get them to make up their own adventure tales.

Make friendship bracelets – These have been a craze in several schools lately; use up remnants of wool or embroidery threads to create bracelets that they can pass onto their friends. A new fad is to use small elastic bands to create colourful designs, a relatively inexpensive craft.

Make a robot – Let your child make their unique robot model, using up any old cereal boxes, tin foil, buttons, string and spare craft materials. A pair of scissors, roll of sellotape and tub of glue will keep them occupied for many hours. Expand this theme further and watch a Star Wars or Wall-E movie.

Making music – Let the children create their own steel band with a variety of kitchen utensils, pots and pans. Place pulses or dried pasta into plastic containers to make great maracas.

Search online for many more rainy day activities to keep the children engrossed for a few hours. Rain need never ruin their caravan holiday.

If you wish to venture off the Caravan Park, Abergele Leisure Centre is running a “Kids Kamp” during the school holidays, with activities that include swimming, games, sports, dancing, face painting and arts and crafts. We hope you enjoy a relaxing, hopefully stress-free, fun-filled holiday at Sirior Bach Caravan Site.

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