How to Plan a Romantic Holiday in North Wales

Owners at Sirior Bach Caravan Park in Abergele know how beautiful the surroundings are for a romantic holiday in North Wales.

Stunningly picturesque countryside, not far from the beach and mountain lakes at Snowdonia add to the ambience.  Many owners arrive every year with their families to enjoy fabulous holidays. But the luxury of owning your own static caravan or holiday lodge allows couples to take short breaks away too.  Most successful marriages/partnerships are built on hard work and keeping romance in the relationship.  Here is how you can plan a romantic holiday in North Wales.

Surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day

Why not plan at least an afternoon and evening away for Valentine’s Day. Try to make it a surprise. Organise a sitter for the children.

You can either book a local restaurant for a meal in the evening or do something out of the ordinary and hire a local chef.  Or you might want to cook if you have excellent culinary skills.

If you intend to have the meal in your holiday home, you’ll want to prepare the dining table and food.  You’ll need time away from your partner if you want the surprise them. So arrange a spa treatment or trip to the hairdresser for them.

Of course, if you book a restaurant you can go to a spa together.

Walk hand in hand along the beach

Perhaps you made your first date on a beach. If you didn’t, imagine it is your first date.  Watching the sunset from the beach is one of the most romantic experiences, no matter where you are. But luckily you don’t have to go far to enjoy a romantic holiday in North Wales.

With modern technology people don’t spend enough time talking to each other. Make the time you spend on the beach looking at the horizon, a time to reflect on your relationship. Share memories, talk about your plans and revel in the time away from your mobile devices!

It’s a nice touch to take a romantic holiday in North Wales over the St Valentine’s period but any time of the year is romantic in this part of the UK. There are so many enchanting castles to visit, so many sports to participate in and a fantastic mix of rural tranquillity, beaches and buzzing nightlife. There is something for everyone in North Wales, no matter your age.

Take a regular romantic holiday in North Wales

If you don’t already own a holiday home in North Wales check out the bargains on our website. There is a great selection of new and used caravans for sale, as well as luxury lodges for sale.  Purchasing on Sirior Bach Caravan Park gives you exclusive access to a 19-acre rural retreat. Here you can take as many romantic holidays as you wish.

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