Static Caravan Condensation Advice

Static caravan condensation can be a real problem unless you keep it under control and you can often mistake this for damp.  Our Caravan condensation advice will show you how to take some simple precautions to minimise problems.

Poor ventilation is the cause of many static caravan condensation problems and more especially so during the winter months, when the caravan needs to be heated and you can’t have the doors and windows open. Whilst double glazing is fantastic for keeping the heat in it does nothing for stopping the build-up of moisture which will concentrate in colder areas. You will find moisture building up in the corners of the caravan, on the windows and in cupboards.

Make good use of extractor fans

You will also find that condensation builds up in the shower or bathroom so keeping the extractor fan on for 15 minutes or so after a shower is advisable or leaving the window slightly open. Closing the door to the bathroom will prevent you losing too much heat.

If you are cooking meals make sure you use the extractor fan and leave it on for a few minutes, perhaps whilst eating your meal.

Open the windows when you first arrive

When you initially arrive at the caravan, open a few windows for at least 15 minutes to give it a good airing.  The longer you can bear having the windows open, the better because the circulation of air will disperse the moisture and dry out the damp from curtains and soft furnishings.

If possible leave one window slightly open when you are inside the caravan to have air circulating constantly. The skylight could be left open if you find this more comfortable.  However don’t forget to close them when you go out.

Useful tips to keep static caravan condensation to a minimum

If you don’t have a tumble dryer try to dry your clothes outside the caravan because drying them inside creates condensation very quickly

Ensure the air vents are not blocked because these are important to keep air circulating

When it is cold there is a tendency for us to turn the heating up full blast to warm the caravan up. Try to avoid this and heat it up slowly.  It might cost a few more pennies but having the heating on at a lower temperature for a longer period of time is preferable if you want to reduce condensation

Bowls of salt placed in areas where moisture is likely to accumulate are excellent for absorbing moisture.

Static caravan condensation need not cause damage if you keep it under control but it is necessary to put a little common sense effort into reducing it when the caravan is in use.

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