Static Caravan Fire Safety Tips

Fires in caravans are rare but be aware and prepared, as fire can quickly spread. Here are some static caravan fire safety tips.

The majority of static caravans and holiday lodges are powered by both electricity and gas, for our day to day comfort. Modern static caravans, which are constructed to high quality standards, are fitted with quality, domestic appliances. However, these factors don’t eliminate the risk of fire in a holiday home.

There is Local Authority legislation in place that stipulates the regulations for locating and siting of static caravans. At Sirior Bach we conform to these procedures to ensure the safety of all our holiday home owners. There are however several important considerations that you should take to ensure the safety of yourselves and other occupants to prevent a fire in your static caravan.

Static Caravan Fire Safety – Gas

You need to give the same consideration to your caravan gas supply and use as you would do in a residential property. All gas appliances must be installed and serviced by a “Gas Safe” registered, qualified person. This includes your central heating boiler, gas cooker and fire. An annual service of your boiler is recommended, and if you rent out your holiday home to tenants, this annual check is compulsory.  Some holiday parks and insurance companies also require an annual gas safety inspection on your appliances.

The gas safety inspection will normally include the following checks:

  • Inspection of gas pipework and to check for any gas leaks
  • Check to ensure adequate ventilation in the holiday home
  • A check of the boiler flue with a relevant smoke spillage test
  • A test of all safety devices and appliances

Static Caravan Fire Safety – Electric

Reports show that numerous deaths have been recorded due to fires caused by an electric source. Hence, electrical safety must be high on your agenda, even in your static caravan. Never attempt to repair an electric fault or failure yourself. Always use a registered, certified electrician, or if in doubt, ask our Maintenance Team for advice. As with gas installations, if you let out your holiday home to others, you are responsible for ensuring the safety of every electrical appliance in your property. You must use a registered electrician to carry out the periodic inspections.

Fire Safety Prevention

Safety is of the utmost importance while staying in your static caravan and there are several safety devices you can keep to hand for use in the event of a fire.

Smoke alarms – These are essential in every caravan or lodge. They are the first warning of a fire, especially during the night. Test them regularly for battery failure.

Fire extinguishers – It’s a normal recommendation that each holiday home has at least one fire extinguisher, with easy access.

Fire blanket – When cooking in such an enclosed space as a caravan kitchen, any fire caused by igniting cooking oils and fats, must be covered and extinguished quickly.Having a fire blanket to hand in the kitchen will help this situation.

In addition to these important safety precautions, be aware when lighting candles, never leave them unattended. If you are a smoker, make sure you extinguish all cigarettes in an ashtray, and never smoke in bed. Plan and discuss an escape route from your holiday home with all the family, in the event of a fire, to keep everyone safe.

You should be aware of the muster assembly points on the Sirior Bach Caravan Park. However, if you require information on this or any other fire safety precautions, please call into the office to discuss with our maintenance team.

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