Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets For Your Holiday Lodge

As the leaves change colour on the trees, the weather changes to cooler days and evenings and the nights are much darker from late afternoon time; what better way to lift your spirits and make you feel warmer than a steaming hot casserole, a thick and filling soup or a spicy chilli meal? These comfort foods also work well on a rainy caravan holiday, when you’ve been out walking. Spending time in your holiday home at Sirior Bach Caravan Park (Abergele, North Wales) doesn’t mean that your mealtimes have to be boring and repetitive, consisting of microwave ready meals and sandwiches. There are Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets that can revolutionise your mealtimes and make preparation and cooking times so much easier.

Sometimes space in static caravans is at a premium, with limited kitchen worktop area, so you need to consider utensils and equipment that take up the least possible cupboard area. In addition, you don’t want an appliance that boils away for hours creating steam in your caravan or Holiday Lodge. This can cause excess condensation and dampness, something you need to avoid at all costs.

The majority of these time-saving kitchen gadgets run on electricity but are mostly low rated so that they are quite economical to use. There are several different models of each item available, so do your research to find the best value items on the high street and internet.

Easy Soup Maker
A jug style soup maker, which enables you to add all prepared ingredients, vegetables, stock and meat (although they do recommend you cook your meat in advance), with several settings to create a creamed soup, or stew type broths. Once cooked, you can liquidise your cooked soup before serving straight from the jug.

Health/Air Fryer
The memory of a chip frying pan, filled to the brim with boiling hot cooking oil, is a thing of the past with new hot air fryer gadgets. They cook using two elements, one above and one below your food, with circulating hot air to create healthier style chips using only a minimal amount of cooking oil. They accommodate other recipes that you would normally fry such as chicken breasts and stir-fries; some even state that you can bake a tart or cake if you remove the paddle stirrer.

Slow Cooker
Prepare your meat and vegetables, place in the slow cooker with your choice of sauce or stock, switch on and go out and enjoy your day walking around the beautiful North Wales countryside; safe in the knowledge that when you return to your holiday home after several hours, your one-pot meal will be cooked, smelling delicious and ready to serve. Models vary in size, serving from two people up to around eight, usually with settings low, medium and high, depending on your food choice. With only one cooking pot to wash up, it couldn’t be easier.

Halogen Oven
This is perhaps the most versatile of kitchen gadgets for your holiday home since with a halogen oven you can easily steam, roast, bake or grill your favourite foods. It is even said you can make toast or bake a cake. They generate heat using a crystal halogen bulb, circulating hot air around the food to be cooked, with a suggestion that they use 75% less power to heat than a conventional oven. You can cook your food in up to five times as fast as a conventional oven.

Other Appliances
In addition to these suggested gadgets, there are much more that you can use to prepare food in your caravan. Microwaves now come with integral grills to enable you to make a full roast dinner including Yorkshire puddings. Pressure cookers have now been updated and long gone are the hissing types of years gone by; now you can purchase an electric model to cook your meal in a flash.

At the top of the range, a Thermomix, a new to the market, multi food, preparing, processing and cooking gadget may break your budget, but it will weigh, chop, knead, juice, grate, steam, simmer and cook, replacing more than 30 of your other kitchen appliances and as an extra, make ice cream for your dessert.

If however, you prefer not to cook while you are on holiday or taking a mini break at Sirior Bach, remember that there are numerous fine restaurants, café and takeaway food outlets in Abergele and the surrounding area.

At Sirior Bach Caravan Park we have luxurious Lodges for sale with ample kitchen space to store your gadgets. Indeed a chef would not be disappointed with the size of kitchens in these units. Contact our sales team for a no-obligation viewing of our North Wales Lodges for sale in Abergele and Towyn.

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