Top Tips for Container and Pot Planting on Caravan Plots

As we head into spring and you plan on spending some relaxing time at your caravan or lodge, our thoughts turn to the garden and planting preparations for the beautiful summer displays that will enhance the caravan plots at Sirior Bach. Avid gardeners just love to see the fruits of their labour when enjoying a caravan holiday.

Not everyone is “green-fingered”, and naturally you need to take into account your time spent at the caravan.  Will you be available for frequent watering that some smaller pots require on a regular basis?  Perhaps one of your neighbours can help. If you suggest a rota, maybe you could look after your neighbour’s plants in their absence too.

You need to take into consideration that container gardening is hard work; it takes time and attention and while it doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be. If you love gardening and don’t mind spending some of your caravan holiday time doing it, no problem.

Pick a Pot

Go to any garden centre and you will be baffled by the choice of pots including metal, ceramic and terracotta, in all shapes and sizes. Ensure that the pot has drainage holes in the bottom. Consider the location of your pots – will they be either side of your caravan doorway, or placed on your decking. Grouping several smaller pots together can achieve maximum effect.

There are container gardens that will work with your lifestyle.  If you don’t like to water, grow succulents. If you don’t have a lot of extra cash make your containers out of items found at car boot fairs. You can also make a more tailored container look, by choosing large classic shaped containers and filling them with eye-catching luxurious plants.

Compost or Soil

The ordinary soil is normally very “heavy” for container planting and your best choice would be to use a bagged planting mix. Most bags of compost consist of mainly peat moss, compost with some additives like vermiculite. All will be useful for your container planting, check with the labelling to make sure it is suitable for your chosen type of plants.

Assemble the plants – the most important part!

Select plants that are relatively small with a good root system, and ones that have been “hardened off” outside in the nursery where you buy them, ready for planting outside in all weathers.

Choose your flowers from the “annual” or “bedding plants” section of the garden centre.  They only live for one summer but will bloom for the entire season.

Read the labels to be sure your chosen spot offers the correct light and temperature conditions for the plants. Remember at Sirior Bach we are near to the coast and plants need to be quite suitable for this area.

Bear in mind you can also plant up your pots with succulents, heathers or conifers for a fantastic display.

If you are feeling adventurous try growing herbs, strawberries and even small peppers in suitable containers.

Caring for your plants

Water your container according to the directions but note in the heat of summer this may need to be every day.

It is an idea to use an all-purpose bloom boosting plant food every couple of weeks, read the package for instructions.

Remove any dead heads from your flowers to encourage more blooming, pinch off the little stem beneath the flower.

There is a wealth of information to be found in gardening magazines, at your local library and online.

Many caravan plots are astoundingly beautiful at Sirior Bach, and your efforts will be pleasantly rewarded come the summer when you’re sure to receive many compliments on your gardening talents.

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