Wales Caravan Parks are Ideal Venues for BBQ Parties

Wales Caravan Parks like Sirior Bach, are ideal for organising perfect barbecue parties. Inviting your fellow holidaymakers over for food and drinks is a great way to be neighbourly.

With the summer holiday season almost here, and the weather expected to bring some much-deserved sunshine over the next few weeks, why not plan to fire up the BBQ at the weekend?

All it takes is some sunshine! Even if it’s only forecast for a couple of hours! A bag of charcoal, great food and a telephone to round up your guests will ensure a successful BBQ event. It can be a spur of the moment decision or a well-planned banquet. What can be more enjoyable than sitting on your caravan decking or lawn, enjoying a plate of delicious, smoked food and some good company?

So what is the best way to host a perfect BBQ, considering you don’t have the time to plan things in advance? Follow our hints and tips and you won’t be serving frazzled sausages to your guests.

The Nibbles

Put out some snacks like crisps for those that are hungry while the food is cooking. A tray of tapas items always goes down well with drinks, slices of Parma ham, olives and sweet pickled onions.

The Drinks

The idea is to serve a variety of cool drinks, including a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as some of your guests may be driving home afterwards. Beer is essential, but perhaps consider a few jugs of lemonade with Pimm’s, with chopped fruit such as cucumber, oranges, and strawberries, garnished with sprigs of mint. Mint flavoured mojitos with crushed ice are also a refreshing choice for a hot summer’s day.


Some Wales Caravan Parks have a BBQ for communal use. If yours doesn’t you’ll need a reliable BBQ to host an efficient party. Disposable ones aren’t really suitable but reasonably priced gas-fired or charcoal models can be purchased locally. It’s a good idea to light the BBQ before your guests arrive, to enhance their appetite when they smell the welcoming aroma of smouldering charcoal.

The Main food

If you’re hosting a traditional BBQ, your menu will comprise sausages, burgers, chicken and ribs. But also remember any vegetarians and include some veggie burgers too. Consider any visitors who may suffer from allergies, they may eat alternatives to bread and buns. Cook the meat on a low heat, plus if you have time, marinate some of the meat or season it the night before. Classic sauces to serve with your food are mayonnaise, BBQ and of course, tomato ketchup.

Be Safe on Wales Caravan Parks

A BBQ is all about outdoor eating, drinking, relaxing with pleasant company and generally having fun. You must however, ensure that everyone stays safe with their food and drinks in the environment around you.

  1. Ensure that the BBQ is on a stable base and well away from young children and pets
  2. Food poisoning cases double during the summer season, so ensure that your meat is always kept somewhere cool before cooking. Keep raw and cooked meat separate, and always wash your hands after handling raw meat.
  3. Frozen meat must be properly thawed before cooking on the BBQ
  4. Never use petrol on a BBQ

Now you have planned the perfect BBQ party, you’re all prepared to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends. What better place to host a BBQ party than at Sirior Bach Caravan Park, one of the few exclusive to owners Wales Caravan Parks. Get together with some of your neighbours and pool together your resources, for a fantastic summer party.


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