Winter Holidays on Country Parks in Wales

With many holiday parks being open for up to twelve months of the year, many families take winter breaks on them as an exciting change from routine. Spending late autumn winter weekend in your Holiday Home at Sirior Bach or on other Country Parks in Wales can be relaxing, exhilarating and fun.

The days are long gone when the onset of colder weather meant that you could no longer visit your Static Caravan. Holiday Homes are now very well insulated and with the many items of heating equipment available, it really can be as welcoming and comfortable as a stay at home. If you do consider a winter break don’t forget to be prepared.  You will require a number of different things for winter use than you did in the summer time.

Heating your caravan
The majority of modern Static Caravans are fitted with a central heating system, usually via radiators or warm air blown units. Most have underfloor insulation and double glazed windows and doors.  If you use gas appliances, such as a gas fire, be aware of the danger of leaving them switched on overnight while you are in bed. It may be advisable to purchase a low wattage electric heater that you can safely leave on for most of the day and night to keep the chill off.

Additional bedding
You will require additional or thicker bedding; consider a higher tog duvet quilt or maybe an outdoor rated sleeping bag to keep you cosy at night, with the addition of fleecy blankets to snuggle under on the sofas.  If you don’t like getting into a cold bed, a hot water bottle or an electric blanket will be a bonus.

Consider that you may need extra clothes and certainly take thick coats, gloves and hats for outside walks.

Gas and Water
The majority of country parks in Wales supply propane gas cylinders, which should not freeze unless under very extreme low temperatures. Butane, however, will freeze when temperatures drop below minus 4. It may be wise to insulate the pipes that carry the gas from the bottle to your caravan to prevent freezing.

The same advice goes for water pipes; ensure they are well insulated. However, only in very cold, icy weather will you possibly experience an interruption to your water supply. For this odd occasion, have a water storage container to hand or some bottled water.

Bear in mind also, that your Holiday Home will need to be drained down or winterized as per the recommendations of your Park owners during the closed season. Your insurance may not be valid if you fail to follow their advice.

If you are cooking frequently in your caravan you may experience some condensation on the windows and doors. This can be helped by small dehumidifier units that absorb liquid into gel balls or sachets, or by opening a small window for short periods of time.

Getting as much use as you can out of your Static Caravan is a vital fact for your investment in ownership. While winter is often associated with grim conditions and squally weather, there are occasionally much nicer days when the air is crisp and sharp, making it one of the most rewarding times of the year for a mini break.

Sirior Bach is one of the 12-month Caravan Parks in North Wales for Holiday Lodge owners and open 11 months for Static Caravan owners.

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